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Akin’s projects are representative of the diversity of our products and your unique ancestral stories — designed for those who wish to authentically commemorate their family history or to share their own story.

Commemorating Ancestry Through Curated Design

The Life & Times of Marc Roddin Children’s Book Series

Hardbound, 11 x 8.5 inches, varying page counts for each volume (46-86 pages)

Using stories compiled through Storyworth, and curated for the different phases of Marc’s life, Akin designed a 3-volume series of children’s books. The series was thoughtfully illustrated by Jeff Bushman and includes personal photos and other imagery to create a broader visual narrative.

Renee surpassed my expectations, by putting together a three volume integrated series with individual yet unified design, thoughtful layouts, illustrated with a combination of original sketches and images. When I brought the first draft book over to the grandchildren’s home to take a look at, my adult daughter took a look at it and learned some new things about me that I don’t think she knew before. — Marc
Cast Up In Nova Scotia
By Carol Patterson

Hardbound, 8.5 x 11 inches, 140 pages

Researched and written by Nova Scotian Carol Patterson, this sixteen-generation lineage book comprehensively portrays Carol’s ancestral history.

I have been very pleased with the work done by Renee Innis of Akin to help me bring my family history book to completion. She was very pleasant, prompt, and obliging to work with — and an extremely interested and professional publishing designer. — Carol
Bella Ciao — 60 Year Anniversary Book

Hardbound, 11 x 8.5 inches, 38—150lb silk pages

In celebration of 60 years of marriage, a daughter writes about two families and how their journeys from Italy to Canada brought her parents together. She threads together stories of history, family, and celebrations of life.

Digging into your family history can be both daunting and fascinating. Working with Renee at Akin made the process more comfortable. What I loved about working with Renee was how much joy and interest she took in learning and researching about my family and sharing that information with me. She truly loves genealogy work and combining it with her beautiful and creative design skills. — Vicki
Jonpaul Wright / Celebrating 40 Years

Hardbound, 10×10 inches, 50 pages

A sister commemorates a brother on his special day with a book that celebrates milestones — and some family history.

I wanted a really special gift for my brother’s milestone birthday — he always lamented that he didn’t have many photos from his childhood, so I worked with Akin to create this memorable gift. It was a great to have Renee’s expertise in design and genealogy to create a thoughtful and lasting present for him. I’m looking forward to working with Akin on future projects for my relatives! — Emily
Curtis Langley Hogsett Collection

1 hardbound accordion linen book, 1 post screw linen booklet, and a 20 x 16 inch custom printed linen box including dividers and inserts for memorabilia

Curtis Hogsett was a mess, as my aunt likes to say. Meaning he was a hoot, a character, an all-around good guy.

This Collection is a tribute to him, commemorating him with books of his illustrations and about his life. It also encases memorabilia; his pocket watch, his ruler, and his personally engraved tape measure.

Bonnie’s Memoir

Hardbound, 14 x 11 inches, 56—150lb silk pages

Bonnie Jean (McClellan) McElroy wrote her memoir in 2021 at the age of 89. Her life story was documented in a spiral bound notebook that included original, and copies, of family photos, articles, and other records that she saved over the years—needless to say, the notebook had far exceeded its original capacity. To prepare this book, Bonnie’s words were transcribed and edited for clarity, certain sections were reorganized by subject matter, images were digitized, and Bonnie’s photo notations were used for a majority of the captions. This printed memoir was created in the interest of preserving her story, and her and her husband’s ancestry, for years to come.

The Klinefelters / A Past Inherited Series

Hardbound, 14 x 11 inches, 40 pages

The Klinefelters (Kleinfelters) immigrated from Flörsbach, Germany in 1751 on the Duke of Bedford. This book chronicles their journey through Pennsylvania, Ohio, and finally to Kansas in 1867—where the farmland that they purchased remains in the family and is still farmed today.

Where We Land Wall Display

Archivally-mounted photos and lineage trees, composed on top of 4 x 3 foot town platte wallpaper 

This wall was created to honor the history of a farmhouse and its surrounding land, as well as the German ancestors that originally purchased the land in 1873. It documents a journey from Flörsbach, Germany in 1751 to modern day Kansas.