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Custom Project

Akin can create a custom project based on your preferred presentation — whether it’s wall display, shadow boxes, or collages of keepsakes and memorabilia — we can design the perfect piece just for you.

Commemorating Ancestry Through Curated Design

A custom project can come in many forms depending on the nature of your materials or story. We’ll work closely with you to determine the best method, craft, format, and application for your project — to ensure that you receive an exceptional piece to be enjoyed and appreciated by all.
Once we establish your preferences for your custom project, including the format, size, finishes, and style — we’ll provide you with your quote. 
Schedule a consultation and receive a quote!

Formats & Styles

Once we’ve established the type of project we are going to create for you, we will present you with format and style solutions for that product.

Custom Project Costs & Services

Estimated costs include:
• Design Services
• Genealogy Research Research*
• Fabrication and/or Print Management
• Fabrication and/or Printing Costs
* If required 

Discovery & Design Process for a Custom Project

Timeline: 4-12 weeks

Step 1


Akin will schedule a consultation with you to gather more information about you and your family, stories you may have to share, documents and records, and your memorabilia items. This will help determine what design requirements best suit your custom project.

Step 2

Discovery Presentation

We will compile and present the information gathered through conversations with you, as well as any new research discoveries, in order to establish what content you would like to include for your project.

Step 3

Design Presentation

Using the established content, sourced photos, records, and memorabilia, Akin will present designs solutions for your custom project, designs that are representative of your family's unique history.

Step 4

Proofing, Fabrication, Printing & Delivery

The presented design will be reviewed by both parties for accuracy and to accommodate personal preferences — and the required changes will be implemented for your approval.
The approved design will be sent for fabrication and/or printing — and upon completion, your custom project is delivered to you!