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Custom Boxes

Akin boxes are tailor-made for your keepsakes — so they can be cherished for years to come.

Commemorating Ancestry Through Curated Design

An Akin box can hold your most treasured pieces, whether it’s memorabilia, journals, photographs, documents, records, or more. Our custom boxes can be designed with individual spaces to accommodate one or more of your unique items — beautifully and archivally.
Once we establish your preferences for your box, including the size, finishes, and style — we’ll provide you with your quote. 
Schedule a consultation and receive a quote!

Formats & Styles

Size: Sizes will vary depending on your memorabilia items

Book Fabric: Multiple colors to choose from for both the interior and exterior of the box

Printing: Blind emboss or 1-color printing on exterior of box 

Spine Options:

Box Costs & Services

Starting at $300, costs include:
• Design Services
• Genealogy Research Services*
• Fabrication Management
• Fabrication Costs
*If required

Discovery & Design Process for Boxes

Timeline: 4-6 weeks

Step 1


Akin will schedule a consultation with you to gather more information about your memorabilia items and what the design requirements needed for your custom box.

Step 2

Design Presentation

Based on the information gathered during the consultation, and the accomodations needed for your memorabilia — Akin will present design solutions for your custom box and the costs associated with the box design.

Step 3


The presented design will be reviewed by both parties for accuracy and to accommodate personal preferences — and the required changes will be implemented for your approval.

Step 4

Printing & Delivery

Following final approval, we will send the final files for fabrication — and upon completion, your box is delivered to your door!